In the other hand, LUCOSA® still keep on the way since 2002 for the retail market, and to provide all customers with superior handmade quality products and ideas. As I think, from early age, we need to protect the thing from our age, everything need to be memorable. Technology taken over our world, less than less orignal artwork, so handmade things should be protected. Sometimes, electronic and computerize work screw up our world; handmade, hand-writing of 3 yrs, 10 yrs, 20 yrs old 's work is totally different; but typing an e-mails, electronic thing no matter which age are the same. I keep on convey my message through all my handmade apparel. For me, each of my artwork ( tee-shirt, sweater ) such like a new born baby, contains message, love, memory, happiness...etc. I hope that through my work can let my customers to express themselves, protect their memory as well.

By the way, I really hope to have chance to co-operate with organization or licensing merchandise company to produce mass production of my brand's products, to let my brand turns international.

Me, myself keep on working for my brand, in my mind I always think of [ the more I climb, the more I will see; the deeper I dig, the more unique my brand will be] .
And for the coming years, I will continue to keep hard-working, keep innovate , keep explore on new concepts, themes and techniques. [ fate - it turns up when u are not expected ]

[ Lucosa Wong's Profile ]

1994-1999 Sarced Heart Canossian College (S.H.C.C)
1999-2001 Hong Kong Institute Vocational Education ( Shatin )
Distinction - Higher Diploma in Graphic and Media Design
2002 Started LUCOSA® company and FOLK FRAME
Oct 2002 Phoenix TV broadcasting Interview
Nov 2002 Yes! Magazine
Jan 2003 The-Sun Newspaper Interview
Feb 2003 Sing Tao Newspaper Interview
June 2003 TVB Weekly Book Interview
July 2003 Project work with TVB [ Liverpool ]
Aug 2003 Project work with TVB [ Gift from Anniverary ]
Aug 2003 HK Economic Times Interview
Aug 2003 Ming Pao Interview
Oct 2003 TVB Channel 8 - TV Broadcast Interview
Jan 2004 Project work with Hong Kong Economic Times [ Zodicas illustration]
Feb 2004 Yes!Magazine
April 2004 Milk Magazine [ VTC ]
2004-2006 Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Bachelor in Applied and Media Arts
May 2006 East Weekly Interview
June 2006 The-Sun Daily Interview
July 2006 ATV shooting
July 2006 TVB 8 shooting

July 2006 Comic Fair in Hk convention centre
Aug 2006 U+ Magazine Interview
Sep 2006 Easy Finder Magazine Interview
Oct 2006 CETV Channel
Nov 2006 Today Living
Nov 2006 Breakthrough Mood Project
Dec 2008 Mega Showcase in HK convention centre
Mar 2007 Sing Tao Newspaper
Apr 2007 Taxi MAgazine
Jul 2007 The Weekend
Feb 2008 I-Money
Mar 2008 My first book published
Nov 2008 The Sun
Apr 2009 Job Market
July 2011 Happy Kitcen illustration Project HK council of Social Service
Mar 2012 HK Baptist University Illustration Project